Police Briefs – Friday, October 27, 2017

Man Tries To Steal Floor Washing Device

A 25-year-old man is facing a handful of charges after allegedly stealing an iRobot Scooba floor washer from a Canadian Tire store in Chatham.

Police say the man is accused of ripping open the packaging for the device while he was still in the store and then stuffing it under his coat before leaving.

Officers say store security followed the man out and tried to arrest him, but he allegedly resisted and started running away. Once the man was taken into custody, he allegedly gave the security officer his brother’s name.

Police say once they showed up, they were able to determine the man’s real identity — at which point they also learned the man was wanted on an outstanding warrant.

A 25-year-old Chatham man is now charged with theft, possession of stolen property, and resisting arrest among other offences.


Handprint Links Man To Barn Break-In

Chatham-Kent police say they were able to use a palm print from a barn door to catch a break-in suspect.

Officers say the print was left on a barn door at the scene of a break-in on 2nd Concession Line just west of Coatsworth Rd. back in June.

Police say they received notice from the RCMP on Tuesday that the palm print hit a match and they were able to use that information to identify a suspect.

Officers arrested a 21-year-old Wheatley man at around 2:30pm Thursday in connection with the case and took him into custody pending a bail hearing.


Drunk Man Arrested After Falling On Richmond St.

A 26-year-old man spent the night at police headquarters after allegedly falling in the middle of Richmond St. in Chatham early Friday morning.

Police say the officer who spoke to the man determined he was drunk and unable to care for himself, so he was taken into custody and held there until he sobered up.