(Photo courtesy of Alberta Transportation)

MTO Says 401 Cable Barriers Decision Not Set In Stone

The minister of transportation is backtracking on high tension cable barriers coming to Hwy. 401 across Chatham-Kent.

Minister Steven Del Duca’s press secretary, Celso Pereira, says an MTO e-mail sent to the media October 5 was premature.¬†The e-mail said that a high tension cable barrier will be installed through Chatham-Kent next year.

MTO Spokesperson Liane Fisher Bloxam says the barrier “will be installed on a 50 km section of Hwy. 401 from the end of the six-lane section in Tilbury to Victoria Rd.”¬†However, Pereira now says that all options, including a concrete barrier, are still on the table and a final decision has not been made yet.

He says “the minister has asked MTO staff to take a second look to make sure that the best option is chosen for the new median barrier.”

An update is expected in the near future and Pereira says “the minister is committed to keeping the local ‘Build the Barrier’ group and local MPP Rick Nicholls informed of the process.”

Alysson Storey, who heads the group fighting for a concrete barrier, says she felt misled by Minister Del Duca because the MTO e-mail came out 24 hours after their meeting at Queen’s Park.

The minister promised her more meetings to discuss concrete barriers on the stretch of road often called “Carnage Alley.”