Public meeting at Tecumseh Public School. February 23, 2017. (Photo by Paul Pedro)

School Board Begins The Name Game

The Lambton-Kent District School Board has started the process of naming the consolidated school of John N. Given and Tecumseh Public School.

Superintendent of Education Gary Girardi says public consultation will now start to seek input about keeping the name Tecumseh Public School.

Girardi says the committee feels that the name Tecumseh is historical and significant to the area, but ultimately it’s up to the community to pick.

“The decision for naming rests with the community. The school board tries to facilitate the group coming together, but we really like to seek input from the community,” says Girardi.

Input forms are available at

Submissions will be accepted from October 16 to October 27.

The next committee meeting is November 2 to determine next steps.

A final recommendation on a name is expected to be presented to the board for approval November 28.

Girardi says Chief Tecumseh is a figure of local and national importance.

“Seeking input on keeping the name Tecumseh Public School. So, their plan is to put that question out to the public as early as next week in order to get people to say whether they’re interested in that or not,” Girardi says.

Girardi says naming a portion of the school after John N. Given is a possibility.

“People in our communities seem to be tied to their schools and that’s something that is a success rate. If the community feels attached to their school because they’re passionate about either attending there, having their children attend there or potentially having family attend in the future then we welcome their participation,” says Girardi.