Water Wells First Told To Play Nice

Water Wells First cannot continue unlawful protests at North Kent Wind sites. Oct 02, 2017. (Photo by Paul Pedro)

Water Wells First cannot continue unlawful protests at North Kent Wind sites.

Justice Kirk Monroe made the decision at an injunction hearing on Monday afternoon, saying trespassers and law breakers will be arrested.

He agreed with North Kent Wind that an injunction to stop blockades and the occupation of the turbine sites is the only remedy to continue the work.

Water Wells First spokesperson Kevin Jakubec says lawful protests will continue around North Kent Wind sites and Ministry of Environment offices, adding that the injunction ruling doesn’t weaken their resolve.

“To say that Samsung has been done irreparable harm, I understand where they come from, but then turn around and say these families have had no harm done to them. I think that’s scandalous and an injustice,” says Jakubec.

North Kent Wind isn’t seeking any damages for, what they call, “irreparable harm.”

Water Wells First claims that wind turbine pile driving is causing well water to go murky with sediments, clogging filters and stopping the flow of water into homes.

Jakubec says a class action lawsuit seeking damages is still possible.

He adds the group’s focus will now be on producing more scientific evidence and not getting arrested.

“I don’t think there would be anyone here, now that the police have powers to arrest immediately, I don’t think that would further the cause as far as people getting arrested,” Jakubec says.

Jakubec insists that Water Wells First has shared its well water baseline test results with the MOE and North Kent Wind, and now it’s up to them to do something about murky well water in the area.

“We’ve already presented a number of key scientific facts to the Ministry of Environment, but they haven’t acted on any of the findings that we gave them, none whatsoever. We continue to take more tests. We’re looking at taking larger amounts of sediment and running it through more tests again,” says Jakubec.