Water Wells First Celebrates Community Support

WWF protesters chained to tractor weight on Bush Line in Dover Centre. August 29, 2017. (Photo by Sarah Cowan Blackburn News)

Water Wells First is inviting the Chatham-Kent community to an appreciation and celebration lunch.

Spokesperson Kevin Jakubec says it’s taking place on Friday, September 8 between noon and 1pm.

Jakubec says another well has been impacted to bring the total to 11 wells that are down in North Kent.

“It’s chock full of sediments and that’ll be another water tank that will have to be brought down. Very interesting that the company says that they’re not causing damage when in fact we are seeing those affects,” says Jakubec.

The celebration feast is on Bush Line near Hwy. 40 and it’s open to the public.

Jakubec is happy to be getting lots of community support.

“Members of Water Wells First, our spirits are high. Come and join us at the Bush Line site for a feast and celebration that our community is standing up to defend its water,” Jakubec says.

Jakubec says water is essential and is worth protecting.

“It’s the last purest water we have in our area and we should celebrate that we’re willing to stand up and protect it,” says Jakubec.