Wind Project Blockade Ordered To Be Removed

WWF protesters chained to tractor weight on Bush Line in Dover Centre. August 29, 2017. (Photo by Sarah Cowan Blackburn News)

Water Wells First protesters are being ordered to stop blocking off wind turbine construction sites north of Chatham.

Officials with the North Kent Wind Project say a judge at the Superior Court of Justice has granted an interim order “restraining and preventing anyone from blockading, obstructing, or impeding access to any of the construction sites” for the project.

However, at the request of the court, North Kent Wind has also agreed to temporarily stop construction at the site on Bush Line until their full injunction banning blockades and other interference with the construction of the project can be heard in court on September 28.

“The motion for injunctive relief became necessary because some protesters were engaging in what we believe was unlawful conduct,” says Pattern Energy spokesperson Matt Dallas, adding the protesters’ “conduct” is raising “serious concerns about the safety of workers and protesters alike.”

Following the latest developments in court, North Kent Wind officials are also taking the opportunity to provide an update on how they are responding to water quality complaints.

A release from the wind farm developer says to date, they have received seven complaints, three of which have been investigated by environmental consultant AECOM, which concluded that “the groundwater quality and supply issues experienced are not a result of turbine foundation construction or pile-driving activities.”

The developer says four more complaints are “currently under analysis.” The results of two of those investigations are expected this week.

The full reports of those investigations will be available on the North Kent Wind website.