New CK Salvation Army Captains Get Ready For The School Season

New Salvation Army Captain for Chatham-Kent, Karen Holland. August 30, 2017. (Photo by Matt Weverink).

Chatham-Kent’s new Salvation Army captains are settling in well.

Captains Stephen and Karen Holland moved to the area from St. Catharines in July.

Karen says so far the transition has been going very well, adding that they were pleasantly surprised to find how supportive the community is in helping out the Salvation Army.

The two aren’t wasting anytime at their new post and are getting ready to help families send their kids back to school with a full lunch pail.

“One way we can help [families] is by providing these families with healthy snacks so their children have snacks to take to school,” she says. “This community — as I’ve been told and have become keenly aware of — is very supportive and at this time we’re just asking for donations.”

With school set to start shortly, Holland says they want to make sure no child goes to school hungry.

“We’re asking for donations such as peanut-free granola bars, pudding, fruit cups, cheese and crackers, juice boxes, and fruits and vegetables,” says Holland. “The things that parents can easily pack for their children to take to school.”

The Back to School Snack Program also runs throughout the school year.

Anyone willing to donate can drop off food at any of the Salvation Army locations. Details on the campaign can be found through their website at