CKHA needs $2.4-million for new diagnostic imaging equipment. Aug 22, 2017. (Photo by Paul Pedro)

CKHA Diagnostic Imaging Campaign Needs $2.4M In Four Months

The Chatham-Kent Health Alliance is making a final push for new diagnostic imaging equipment.

The campaign still needs $2.4-million for 18 new pieces, including a new CT scanner.

The current equipment is outdated and breaks down and it’s believed the new machines will shorten wait times. They are also less intrusive.

Radiologist Dr. Main Yee says the current CT scanner is 13 years old and the new one will provide higher quality health care in less time.

“The new scan we’re going to get is a 128 slice scanner. The scan we have is a 16 slice scanner. So, in one second the new scanner will do close to one thousand images whereas now with the old scanner we can only do 16,” says Dr. Yee.

Local CFL star Andy Fantuz (right) named Honourary CKHA Campaign Chair. (Photo by Paul Pedro

Local CFL star Andy Fantuz (right) named Honourary CKHA Campaign Chair. (Photo by Paul Pedro)

“New services for the department like scanning coronary arteries, examining carotid arteries and cerebral arteries, which is very important for patients with stroke. We can do it now but it’s very clumsy. It takes about 45 minutes to do it but with the new scanner we can do it in just a few seconds,” Dr. Yee says.

Jerome Quenneville, vice president and chief financial officer, says wait lists and wait times will be shorter with the new equipment like a newly installed Bone Densitometer.

“We’ve been able to bring down our wait lists for BMD from six months down to 3.5, which is a big improvement. We continue to work on that and hopefully we get it down shorter. Ultrasound right now, we’re at almost five weeks and we really want to be within two weeks,” says Quenneville.

The equipment will go to the Chatham and Sydenham campuses.

Eight new ultrasound machines will arrive in October. The CKHA wants everything installed by the end of the year.

The government doesn’t financially support the purchase of new equipment.

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Dr. Yee says the new CT scan is faster, easier and has better detectors to do new procedures to improve patient care.