Local Resident Recognized By Seed Industry

Stephen Denys. (Photo courtesy of the Canadian Seed Trade Association).

The Canadian Seed Trade Association (CSTA) is recognizing the work of a Chatham-Kent resident in the agricultural sector.

Stephen Denys, director of business management with Maizex Seeds in Tilbury, was given the CSTA Seed Achievement Award, during the organization’s annual meeting in Nova Scotia.

“I was very surprised to get to the call to make sure I was coming to Halifax,” said Denys. “It was very humbling to be honoured by your peers for the work you had done and working in a peer environment.”

Denys’ currently serves on the CSTA Board of Directors, working on several initiatives — not just within the seed industry.

“I’ve gotten involved in a number of issues ranging from defending modern science — modern agriculture, which included work on the neonicotinoids seed treatment,” he said. “I’ve [also] gotten involved in other areas including value added — how to add value for farmers, in terms of how to add value to their farms.”

Reflecting on his work with the seed industry and efforts that have gotten him recognition, Denys has had the opportunity to work with many people from across the country.

“Working together we’ve been able to do a number of good things for the seed industry,” said Denys. “As a farmer, what we’ve been able to accomplish with the seed industry at the end of the day is helping farmers not only in Southern Ontario but across Canada to access the technologies and innovations they need to protect the environment, and to produce a profitable crop.”

Some of Denys’ most recent work involves farmer advocacy. He along with his Maizex colleagues have developed an initiative called “Be Rooted. Be Involved.” It provides farmers with information on why certain technologies are used and educates those who are unfamiliar on agriculture to better understand why farmers do what they do.

Denys was given the award on Monday and left Halifax Wednesday afternoon.