Water Wells First Finally Meeting MOE Officials

Equipment at a wind turbine construction site north of Chatham. (Photo courtesy of Water Wells First)

Wednesday is a big day for Water Wells First.

After months of trying to meet with the Ministry of Environment to discuss pile driving of wind towers contaminating local well water, they finally get a chance to ask face to face questions in Windsor Wednesday afternoon.

Kevin Jakubec, group spokesperson, says his experts have found that micro particles of Kettle Point Black Shale are contaminating the drinking water.

Jakubec wants the ministry to test the water and once and for all say if it’s safe to drink or not.

“Minister Murray has yet to answer that question. What is the safe level of particles, parts per million or micro grams per litre, what is the safe level of these black shale particles that we can have in our water?” says Jakubec.


Jakubec says the ministry isn’t doing its job because it hasn’t told the group what the safe level of particles is.

“What are you going to do when wells start reporting in as being damaged? What’s the MOE plan when a couple of wells are damaged? So, here we have the Ministry of Environment that allows pile driving but they don’t know what they’re going to do if the wells are reporting in damaged,” Jakubec says.

Jakubec is also asking for a public inquiry if he doesn’t get straight answers on Wednesday.

“It’s complete stupidity, I’ve warned the Ministry of Environment for over two years now not to go ahead with pile driving. How many times do we have to keep losing wells, one after the other, and we still don’t seem to have the ministry understanding that this area is too sensitive,” says Jakubec.