Farmers: Rain, Rain Go Away

Farm tractor planting seeds in a field. (Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / chas53)

Grain farmers across Ontario are hoping for sunny, warm weather as soon as possible.

The heavy rains in early May and the consistently wet weather since then is pushing back the planting season to the point where it could start affecting their crop production, and their yields in the fall.

Brianne Curtis with the Grain Farmers of Ontario says last year, farmers were done planting by middle of May.

“This time this year, we’re going on the first of June and many farmers don’t even have their corn in or haven’t even started their soybeans,” says Curtis. “Definitely the rain has had a huge impact and it’s getting to the point where farmers are getting extremely concerned about whether they are going to be able to plant their crops this year.”

Curtis says the late planting is becoming an issue for farmers across the province, not just in southwestern Ontario. She says farmers with a more clay-based, heavier soil are especially hoping for a drier spell.

“No rain, warm temperatures, and sun — that would be the wish of all the farmers right now,” says Curtis. “Even the wind as long as it’s warm will help because that will dry up the ground as well.”

If the forecast for the next few week or so holds up, it looks like farmers should get their wish soon.

There’s a chance of rain on Monday through Wednesday across southwestern Ontario this week, but it looks like things will be clearing up after that. Environment Canada is predicting a mix of sun and cloud with temperatures consistently above 20 C from Thursday on right through the weekend.