Lakers Owners Rallying Local Support

The Wallaceburg Lakers new logo for 2017 (Photo courtesy of Gail Cook)

The Wallaceburg Lakers are working to get the support of the community back behind the organization.

Earlier this year, the team was sold to a group of local investors who wanted to make sure the franchise stayed in Wallaceburg.

“This team wasn’t doing good and we were so close to losing the franchise, which people don’t realize,” says Jim McCrea, one of the Lakers new owners. “OHA only puts up with so much. We’ve got to comply with everything, and when it’s not being done, it don’t last forever.”

“It’s not a money making thing for us. It’s a thing to help the community. Hopefully it will work, hopefully the community will get behind it,” says McCrea. “I think we’re just going to turn it right back to the way it was 10 years ago and see how we make out, get as much community involvement as we can.”