Earthquake Interrupts Hockey Game For Wheatley Couple

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A Wheatley woman says a minor earthquake Saturday night startled her and her husband while they watched the hockey game.

The United States Geological Survey says a 2.2 magnitude earthquake hit around 9:50pm on Saturday.

It was reportedly centred about 5 km below the surface near the intersection of Wheatley Rd. and Essex Rd. 8.

Siobhan Cence says it sounded like a sonic boom shook the house, and it freaked her out a little.

“We heard a loud boom and felt the house shake just once really hard and I was shocked and thought was that me or did I feel something?  My husband then looked at me and asked did you feel that and I said yeah,” says Cence.

Cence says she can’t ever remember an earthquake in Wheatley.

Cence says her husband quickly jumped into action because the bang was so loud.

“He said I think there must have been an explosion and he went outside.  We live near Camper’s Cove so he thought somebody’s propane tank had exploded or something and he went to look.  There was nothing, the street was in darkness and we seemed to be the only ones who noticed,” Cence says.

Cence says it was strong but didn’t last long.

“Very definitely felt it like I’m surprised how strong it was.  It was literally just like something hit the house and shook the house and then this big loud like a sonic boom almost,” says Cence.