Getting Kids To Eat Healthy

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Families are being encouraged to get kids eating more fruits and vegetables as part of their daily routines.

In order to promote healthy habits, Super Kids CK is launching a new initiative called “Choose to Boost Veggies and Fruit.”

“Food preferences are set early in a child’s life,” said John Fraser, parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care. “Ontario is working with the communities to improve access and availability of vegetables and fruits; and [also] to increase children and parents’ knowledge about healthy eating.”

The Super Kids CK initiative involves a few different aspects, one of which is a grant opportunity for schools, child care centres, and community agencies. Another aspect involves a sponsorship program, where private businesses will sponsor fruit baskets that will be available at select locations within the community.

This initiative comes as part of the Healthy Kids Community Challenge. Super Kids CK has been working in phases through programs like “Water Does Wonders,” to promote a healthy lifestyle among children.

Any organizations that are interested in applying for a grant should email for more information.