New Tilbury Millionaire Picks Up His Prize

Mike Montminy receives big cheque at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto. (Photo courtesy of OLG)

A Tilbury man has finally been named after he won the February 17 LOTTO MAX jackpot worth $26-million.

Mike Montminy received his big cheque on Friday at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto.

He went to the Prize Centre with his wife Trish on Friday, who is also celebrating her birthday.

Montminy told his wife when they were dating 22 years ago, that “she better hang on to him because he was going to win the lottery one day.”

The couple quit their jobs 15 minutes after finding out they won the jackpot.

They plan to enjoy retirement, build a dream home in Tilbury and have fun with their two children.

Mike has also bought himself a sports car and Trish wants to take trips to Scotland and Italy.

Mike bought the winning ticket at Mister Video and Convenience on Queen Street in Tilbury.