CKHA Spices Up Parade Of Chefs

The Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (Photo by Jake Kislinsky).

Thursday night’s Parade of Chefs will take you on a culinary journey through the east.

A first in 15 years for the event, the fine dining will feature a menu created by local chefs, inspired by celebrity chef Vikram Vij.

“I actually want to go there as a student and learn from these young chefs… What I’m looking for is not what I do, I’m looking for what they do,” says Vij. “I can tell you this much — I can give you the same amount of water, tea, sugar, milk, and every day there’s a slight difference because cooking’s like music.”

Known globally for his several popular Indian restaurants in Western Canada and for TV appearances on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, Vij will have a seat at the table raising funds for the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance’s diagnostic imaging equipment campaign and, of course, intriguing his taste buds. Each course will be paired with local wines and beers.

“I love coming to events like this because I love to see the passion and what goes behind creating a menu like this,” Vij told Blackburn Radio’s CFCO Mornings.

Just don’t ask him what his favourite restaurant is.

“It’s like saying which of your children do you like better,” Vij says. “I’m just really excited to meet great chefs who are going to put their passion, their love and everything they have onto the plate.”