The Wallaceburg Area Can Soon Breath Easier

Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, Sydenham Campus ER in Wallaceburg. ( file photo)

The Chatham-Kent Health Alliance is expanding its Respiratory Services at the Wallaceburg site.

A Registered Respiratory Therapist will be added to the Emergency Department at the Sydenham Campus to enhance care for local patients.

Hospital Supervisor Rob Devitt says the expansion of Respiratory Services reaffirms a commitment to program and service delivery at the Wallaceburg site.

“One of the things we heard from some of the medical staff was there was a gap in respiratory support in the E-R,” says Devitt.

The Respiratory Therapist will provide coverage 16 hours a day, seven days a week as a care provider within the Emergency Department.

The existing Pulmonary Function Lab will remain open two to three days per week.

Devitt says the Respiratory Services will better meet the needs of patients in the Wallaceburg, Walpole Island and South Lambton area.

“As soon as possible, we think this is just good for patient care both in support of the E-R but also in pulmonary function testing and that sort of thing in the community,” he says.

Devitt says the increased care will foster stronger relationships and positive partnerships within the community.

He says “with an aging population, there’s a prevalence you’d find but I think part of what really drove us was the desire to have this as backup support for the emergency department when difficult cases come in”.