Catch Limits Up For Perch, Walleye In Lake Erie file photo of yellow perch. (Photo courtesy © Can Stock Photo Inc. / dcwcreations)

The local fishing industry will be allowed to haul in more yellow perch and walleye from Lake Erie this year.

Fishery managers from Michigan, New York, Ohio, Ontario, and Pennsylvania have all agreed to increase the catch limits for 2017, because the fish populations for perch and walleye both appear to be healthy and growing in the lake.

The catch limits for yellow perch are up 13% to just over 10-million lbs — last year’s limit was set at 9.2-million lbs.

In the meantime, the limit for walleye in 2017 is set at 5.9-million fish, which is up from 4.9-million in 2016.

Ontario and Ohio will split the lion’s share of the limits.