Layoffs Aren’t The End Says CK Workforce Planning Board

Kristy Jacobs, project manager of the CK Workforce Planning Board March 2, 2016 (Photo by Simon Crouch)

The Chatham-Kent Workforce Planning Board has some sound advice for those being laid off at Union Gas or elsewhere.

Union Gas spokesperson Andrea Stass says about 15 positions are expected to be eliminated but it’s unclear how many workers are affected in Chatham-Kent.

Project Manager Kristy Jacobs says layoffs are always scary but people shouldn’t panic because it’s not the end of the world.

Jacobs says Chatham-Kent has great organizations to help job seekers.

“They have great connections to the employment world and they can help with things like; if it’s been a while that you’ve been working and you’re looking at job seeking again, they can help brush-up and modernize your resume and they can help get some good information about what some of the new trends are,” says Jacobs.

Goodwill Employment Services is located at 300 Lacroix in Chatham, the St. Clair College Employment Centre is in the Walmart Plaza in Wallaceburg and the Employment Resource Centre is at 240 King St. W in Chatham.

Jacobs says there are supports to help people change careers.

“Sometimes when you’ve been working in a career for a while and you’re given an unexpected blip in your road, sometimes people start re-thinking maybe this isn’t where I want to stay, maybe I want to change careers and look at something else,” she says

Jacobs says there’s career counselling and labour market information if needed.

“They’ve got great experience with a huge organization and great company, so great history there and it might be the opportunity to speak to a career counsellor to learn how to re-package that because when you get hit with a layoff, it sometimes shakes the confidence and you don’t really know how to sell yourself that way,” Jacobs says.