CK Police Officers Dealing With More Youth Incidents

Chatham-Kent Police Service hat. (Photo by Blackburn News)

Calls for police involving youth in Chatham-Kent are up significantly.

A police report shows that officers responded to just over 1,100 incidents in 2016 compared to nearly 700 in 2015.

“The increase is mainly due to an increase in collecting data,” says CKPS Constable Derek Shaw.

The data indicates 170 charges were laid against 73 youths in 2016, which is an increase of 10% from the previous year.

Shaw says the top incident officers deal with is assault with a weapon, but adds “there isn’t an increase in youth taking weapons to school.”

Other incidents include possession of drugs, mischief, and theft.

Shaw says only 10% are repeat offenders and 72% of the incidents involve males.