Tightening Up The Rules Around Boarding Houses

Councillor Michael Bondy. October 24, 2016. (Photo by Natalia Vega)

Chatham Councillor Michael Bondy is looking to tighten up the zoning bylaw regarding housing regulations.

Bondy will present a motion to council Monday night for administration to review and clarify the bylaw which deals with boarding houses, rooming houses, and single detached dwellings.

“There seems to be some confusion [regarding the current bylaw],” says Bondy. “What we have happening is multi-residential usages happening in single-family dwellings.”

Bondy adds the concerns revolving around this particular issue has to do with safety and the high volume of traffic in residential areas.

“In some cases you have possibly 20 people living in a single-family residence,” he says. “It creates a little bit of chaos for the neighbors and they don’t expect to have that kind of atmosphere when they buy a residential home in a residential neighborhood.”

Bondy says he’s received several complaints from Chatham residents over┬áthe past six years, adding the complaints are about 10-12 residences in particular.

“It’s a number of homes that are generating a lot of complaints,” he says.

However, those complaints aren’t in one area specifically. Bondy says the residences are scattered “in all four corners of the city of Chatham.”