CK Warning Issued By Entegrus

Head office of Chatham-Kent electrical utility Entegrus May 19 2015 (Photo by Simon Crouch)

Entegrus is warning the public about misleading individuals going door to door claiming to be representing the utility.

The power company says there are no employees or anyone representing Entegrus currently going door to door.

Entegrus is urging people to use caution if they get a visit from an individual asking to see their utility bill to ensure they’re receiving the best rates, to check water valves or a water heater or to inspect the furnace or air conditioning unit.

Senior Manager of Corporate Services Tracey Manso says never provide your account number, bill or personal banking information to anyone going door-to-door.

“If someone asks you at your door to provide your account number or bill, remember Entegrus already has this information and we would not be calling you or going to your door asking for that information,” says Manso.

Entegrus says it’s not affiliated with Ontario Home Services or any such companies who claim to be working on behalf of Entegrus or the gas company.

Reports of fraud can be made to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre on-line by visiting the CAFC website at or by calling 1-888-495-8501.

Manso says if you are visited from anyone claiming to be from Entegrus, ask for proper identification or call the office to confirm at 1-866-804-7325.

Manso says Entegrus does not solicit door to door and the individuals are misrepresenting Entegrus.

She says “they’re asking to go into the home and you should never let anyone into your home unless you know who that person is”.