Lawyer Says Jakubec Apology To Wesley Is Not Genuine

Water Wells First is giving Chatham-Kent Councillor Jeff Wesley its second shame award. February 24, 2017. (Photo by Paul Pedro)

The lawyer for Chatham-Kent Councillor Jeff Wesley says an apparent apology from Kevin Jakubec falls short.

Jakubec, the spokesperson for Water Wells First, issued an email statement Friday morning saying, “I apologize if you have taken this as a personal slur,” referring to a “Shame Award” presented to Wesley for allegedly misleading the public. He adds the award was not given “as a personal attack.”

Wesley’s lawyer, Michael Lerner, tells he and his client feel the apology is not genuine and says the ball is in Jakubec’s court.

“One would obviously question how genuine Mister Jakubec’s response really is,” Lerner says. “What we asked for was an unequivocal, absolute apology and that all the material that had been posted that was defamatory to Mister Wesley be taken down.”

Lerner points to a Water Wells First poll on its website asking people if Wesley should resign.

Wesley wants Jakubec to apologize and retract, what he calls, false and defamatory comments that state Wesley “cannot be trusted” to avoid further legal action.

A lawsuit has not yet been filed.

Jakubec says his apology is sincere and will relay Wesley’s objections about the online poll and materials to Water Wells First.

Lerner says removing the poll from the website is a start and wants Jakubec to reconsider his position.

“We’ll just have to see how that transpires over the next couple of days before we make a definitive decision as to how we will move forward,” he says.