A Part of Chatham Could Soon Be In Outer Space

Erik Kroeker (Photo courtesy of © Canadian Space Agency)

Canada’s next astronaut could be a Chatham native.

Doctor Erik Kroeker is one of 72 hopefuls and wants to be in the final 2 selected for the space program.

Kroeker tells Blackburn News.com it’s truly an honour to be among Canada’s finest scientists, doctors and military personnel.

He says there are 4 steps in the process and hopes to be among the last two candidates standing in a few months.

Doctor Kroeker finds out over the next week or so if he advances to the next stage and adds “they’re going to be doing physical evaluations, seeing how we perform under stressful situations and we perform in groups”.

“A lof of the mission focus right now is the International Space Station and low orbit missions but they’re starting to look towards the future as well…Mars, Moon and beyond”, says Kroeker.

He says his family is extremely proud and has inspired and supported him throughout the years, adding “Roberta Bondar was a huge inspiration for me and seeing how much my grandmother respected her”.