CK Has A New Neurologist

Doctor Mortada photo courtesy of Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

There’s a new Neurologist in town.

Doctor Awad Mortada has recently relocated from Edmonton to Chatham-Kent with his wife and three children because he says, “this poor community of Chatham-Kent has no Neurologists”.

He says his wife is from Windsor and they wanted to be closer to family.

Mortada says he’ll be providing general outpatient neurology clinics that provide assessment and care for conditions that affect the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles.

He says the types of conditions he will treat include “headaches, movement disorders, neuro-muscular diseases, dementia and inflammatory brain diseases”.

“I’m interested mainly in cerebral vascular disease which is stroke-like conditions, I treat chronic migrane headaches and see patients with epilepsy or seizures and Multiple Sclerosis”, he says.

His office is at 61 Dover Street in Chatham and should be open for business next week.