Donations Wanted For Food Freedom Day

Kent Federation of Agriculture representative Mary Anne Udvari marks Food Freedom Day with Brenda LeClair (left) and Salvation Army Captain Stephanie Watkinson. February 9, 2016 (Photo by Simon Crouch)

Food Freedom Day is February 8th and the Kent Federation of Agriculture wants you to get involved.

They plan to visit the Salvation Army and Outreach for Hunger on Food Freedom Day with some local foods such as meat, fruit and vegetables.

KFA Director Mary Anne Udvari is asking for local food donations or financial contributions which will be used to purchase local food.

“It’s the third year for the event and it’s been well received each year”, Udvari says.

She adds, “we’d love to have as many farmers, organizations and producers as possible. This project gets bigger and bigger every year”.

Udvari says there were 25 donors last year.

Food Freedom Day is the day when the average Canadian has earned enough income to pay for his or her grocery bill for the entire year and the group feels it’s worth celebrating by sharing the good fortune with those in need.