Water And Wastewater Rates Up In Chatham-Kent

BlackburnNews.com File Photo. (Photo by Jason Viau)

Chatham-Kent is going to see a jump in water and wastewater rates.

Public Utilities Commission Chair Randy Hope tells BlackburnNews.com they’re increasing by nearly $4 per month in 2017 for the average household.

Hope says it’s part of a four-year financial plan that began in 2015 to reinvest in infrastructure, operations, and reduce debt, adding “it’s the first time we’ve done a multi-year financial plan.”

“Usually we do it each year and talk about rate increases,” says Hope. “We’ve set administration with a clear direction that these are the increases were going to be doing, this is where we have to work in, how do we deal with the capital and everything else?”

Hope also points out that the system is only paid for by people who use it.

“The work we do at the water and wastewater treatment facilities does not receive property tax support — it’s a rate based support system,” he says.

Hope adds debt is also being reduced.

“We’ve gone from $86-million to $79-million or $78-million,” he says.