Ombudsman Called To Investigate CK Council For Negligence

Peter Hensel. January 19, 2017. (Photo by Paul Pedro)

Ontario’s ombudsman is being called to investigate Chatham-Kent council for negligence.

The local group Water Wells First¬†says the municipality didn’t do an independent review before issuing permits for nearby wind turbines.

Dover Centre resident Peter Hensel says he’s tested his well water before and after the towers were erected. He says it’s evident that vibrations from the turbines are disturbing the aquifer and contaminating his drinking water.

Hensel says the municipality and the ministry question his sample results yet they haven’t done any themselves.

“How dare they questions those results when none of them had the foresight to get a base level determination of any damage that was taking place in the source water,” he says.¬†“If they don’t like my results where the hell are theirs.”

Hensel puts the blame squarely on the municipality for failing to do its due diligence.

“I did a base level test and they are to blame for the mess the rural dwellers now have with their drinking water,” he says. “Had they shown due diligence they would have seen there would have been negative effects to their actions.”

Hensel says in his well, Uranium is up 500 times, Arsenic is up ten times, Selenium is up 25 times and lead is up 13 times.

Hensel wants everyone to send letters to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to put some heat on Premier Kathleen Wynne and Minister Glen Murray.