Wallaceburg Thrashers Senior B Lacrosse Team logo. Photo courtesy of Wallaceburg Thrashers.

Wallaceburg Thrashers No More

The Wallaceburg Thrashers are folding.

The Ontario Sr. B Lacrosse team first known as the “Wallaceburg Satans” played its inaugural season in April 2015, but a search for a new president and executive team has come up empty.

Outgoing GM and head coach Gord Lilley says it’s disappointing.

“The fans are always great in Wallaceburg,” says Lilley. “Unfortunately to run a team and to be competitive, you need to have an executive of ten to 15 people and we just couldn’t get that commitment.”

Lilley says they’ve been contacting the players to let them know, too.

“They’re disappointed — they liked playing here,” Lilley. “They wished they could have had a couple of better seasons, but it’s a tough league now. It’s a very competitive league.”

The Thrashers finished their first season at the bottom of the standings with two wins and 14 losses and couldn’t improve upon that for the 2016 season, closing it out with a winless record of 0-16.

As for the future of Sr. B Lacrosse in Wallaceburg, Lilley isn’t ruling out the possibility of a team coming back, but he knows it’ll be a tough sell.

“You have to go in front of a board and you have to show that you have an executive in place and the money to operate,” says Lilley. “Realistically, they’re going to look at us and say, ‘You’ve had it before, what makes it different now?’ It’ll be a little tougher, but not impossible.”

Lilley says the league will now hold a separate draft at a later date to divide up the players who were still on the Thrashers’ roster.