Time To Toss The Tree

(© Can Stock Photo / sparkia)

The Christmas holiday season is coming to an end, and with that it’s time to say “goodbye” to the Christmas tree.

Chatham-Kent’s Manager of Waste and Recycling Services Rick Kucera says you can drop it off at the curb with your garbage or you can bring Christmas trees to one of the local Leaf and Yard Depots.

“All we ask is that if there’s any kind of bag that you’re transporting it in or any ornaments, etc. — to have the tree as clean or free of those materials as possible,” says Kucera.

Twice a year the depots will take the leaf and yard trimmings, including Christmas trees, and ground the materials into mulch.

Kucera says people may cut up their own tree and leave it in a garbage container, but it would just be dumped in a landfill.

Leaf and Yard Depots are open this week, but they’re operating on a holiday schedule. You can find their holiday hours here.