C-K Sally Ann Completes Kettle Campaign

BlackburnNews.com file photo. (Photo by Mike James)

The Chatham-Kent Salvation Army has ended its Christmas kettle campaign for another year.

With the kettles put away for the season on Saturday afternoon, Christmas Eve, the Chatham-Kent Ministries announced that they had raised over $421,000 in donations. While the total was short of their $450,000 goal for the holiday season, Salvation Army Captain Stephanie Watkinson said they are hopeful to make up the difference in the coming weeks and months.

“All programs will be closely examined to see where savings can be found without directly affecting clients assistance.” said Watkinson in a press release. “It is our plan to do smaller fundraisers for particular needs throughout the year.”

All funds raised in the Christmas kettle campaign will be used to fund local Salvation Army programs.  Its Raise the Roof campaign in the new year, which involves the sale of hat and socks to raise money for programs designed to combat homelessness.   Four family centres are run by the Salvation Army across Chatham-Kent.