Williston Reflects On Goodfellows Presidency

Councillor Derek Robertson and Chatham Goodfellows President Scott Williston stand in front of the Goodfellow Way sign that replaces Wellington Street for December.

Chatham-Goodfellows outgoing President Scott Williston says he’s loved serving in his role for the last six years, but adds now it’s someone else’s turn.

“The last 12 years it’s been Tim Mifflin and myself, six years each,” says Williston. “We’ve left it in, I think in a good stead from where we’ve been.”

Williston was still fully hands-on during toy and food packing, which took place last week. He also wants to take the time to thank all the volunteers who have helped in 2016 and in years past.

“We have a great group of volunteers. They come out every year, whether it’s because they like me or if they just like doing the packing and stuff, I think it’s a bit of both,” says Williston. “But we really appreciate their help and it really helps out.”

Williston says he’ll remain on the board for the Chatham Goodfellows.