Toys Are Good To Go

Loading the boxes of toys into the vehicles for delivery. December 20, 2016. (Photo by Natalia Vega)

The Chatham Goodfellows have delivered the last of the toys they collected.

Several vehicles filed in a line along the side of the old Guspro building on Grand Ave. E Tuesday night to pick up boxes for delivery.

Chairperson Rose Peseski says they tend to see a line-up every year.

“I’ve got some of the people standing in line at 4:30pm because they want to be the first car out,” says Peseski.

Volunteers were able to load about 500 boxes full of toys, which is about on par with how much the Goodfellows usually collect.

“Chatham-Kent has been wonderful,” says Peseski. “We’ve been getting all kinds of donations from all charities, everbody’s been wonderful.”

One of the people waiting in line to deliver toys was Tracey Travis and her daughter Ceara.

Travis says her and her family have been helping deliver toys for years.

“We all go through trials and tribulations in life and it is part of the community to give back and help each other out,” says Travis. “That’s what the Christmas season is all about.”

The Chatham Goodfellows will be back at it Wednesday, but instead of gifts they’ll be packing food.

Food packing will start at 8am at the Spirit and Life Centre and delivery will start just after 1pm.