Goodfellows Food Hampers Dispersed

Volunteers help pack boxes of food for the Chatham Goodfellows, December 21, 2016 (Photo by Jake Kislinsky)

The need for food around Christmas time has never been higher, and Chatham Goodfellows officials say residents have answered the call.

“Half the food, maybe a third of what’s going out, was donated this year,” says outgoing President Scott Williston. “It’s double what our normal food donations were.”

Chatham Goodfellows volunteers packed and loaded boxes of food for delivery Wednesday. But, as Williston adds, they’ve received a number of last-minute requests.

“It’s been a rough couple weeks in this city. We’ve had names come in every day, even after our deadline. We’ ve taken them, we’re going to make sure they get something. There’s a need still and we’re going to take care of it as best we can,” says Williston.

The Goodfellows planned to send hampers to 1,370 families this year. They also delivered toy hampers on Tuesday.