Crow Issue Put On Hold

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The issue of crow control will be coming back to Chatham-Kent council in the new year.

A report had been brought to council Monday night, clarifying the measures Chatham-Kent and other municipalities have taken in the past to try and get rid of the crows.

Councillor David VanDamme stated during the meeting that more time would be needed for staff to come up with a definitive plan, adding it’s too late to proceed with any measures this year.

Culling the crows did generate some debate among public deputations and councillors. Mayor Randy Hope clarified his stance on the issue by saying a cull wouldn’t mean wiping out the birds altogether, adding that culls are routinely carried out with other animals (such as deer).

Since council couldn’t agree on specific motion regarding the next steps, Hope moved for the issue to be brought back to council in January.

Councillor David VanDamme (who brought the topic to council in November) says it’s unfortunate that the issue is being pushed back again.

“We get paid to listen, we get paid to have the guts to bring the right decisions forward for the community and obviously the timing wasn’t right for any of that to happen tonight,” says VanDamme.

Moving forward, VanDamme says he’s open to a number of options including working with hunting groups and looking at the possibility of using ultrasonic bird repellent devices.

“The issue is damage on the ground, damage to businesses, damages to resident’s areas, and to pedestrians who simply want to enjoy a walk,” he says.

It’s unknown at this time when exactly the crow control topic will return to council.