Crow Motion Coming Back To Council

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A report will be coming to council Monday night regarding the crows in Chatham-Kent.

Council voted back in November to have municipal staff look at the options, so a clear plan could be made.

The report coming back to council contains non-lethal and lethal methods used in the past.

“There are options out there now that didn’t potentially exist that might be more cost effective at this stage,” says Bruce McAllister, director of planning services.

The report also contains input from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF). The recommendation made is that non-lethal strategies are pursued.

However, if council should decide to eradicate crows using lethal force, that option would need to be further discussed with MNRF and Chatham-Kent police.

“What we’re also suggesting is that we look at other non-lethal approaches that are out there now,” says McAllister. “One being, ultrasonic bird repellent devices that have become more popular over the past few years.”

Now that the report has been done, a decision on where to proceed will be left to council members.

-With files from Jake Kislinsky.

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