Making The Trip To Wheatley’s Fisheries

Taylor Maid fishing vessel leaves Wheatley Harbour. (File photo by Simon Crouch)

A group of students and faculty from Schoolcraft College’s Culinary program in Michigan are crossing the border to learn about Great Lakes commercial fisheries.

The group from Livonia, Michigan is expected to arrive in Wheatley around 9:30am, with their first stop being at John O Foods. The group will have a tour of the plant and then hear from a panel of fish processors from the Ontario Commercial Fisheries Association.

Program Coordinator Chris Misiak says the purpose behind the trip is to give students a better understanding of the fishing industry.

“I think it’s really important that the students get out and get this international exposure in order for them to grow as people and to potentially grow in their profession,” says Misiak.

Joining the students and faculty on the trip are a handful of Michigan-based food retailers and distributors.

“It’s an educational trip for my students but it’s also part business at the same time, for Michigan to have some relationship with the Canadian processing plant,” says Misiak.

In total there will be about 38 guests eager to learn about commercial fisheries and fish processing.

President of TQ Marketing Tom Quinn played a major role in making today’s trip a possibility.

“I made a lot of the arrangements,” says Quinn. “We’re partnering with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on this and they are providing some of the funding.”

He says Schoolcraft College’s culinary program is well known in Michigan for its success. With their interest in expanding their international knowledge, coming to Ontario works out well.

“The great thing is being in Livonia and close to the border, international is 20 miles from the school,” says Quinn.

After the tour and presentation, the group will have lunch at Pogue Restaurant before heading back to the States.