Behind The Scenes of “Traverse the Thames”

Producer Mark Drewe filming for the documentary "Traverse the Thames" in Chatham. November 1, 2016. (Photo by Natalia Vega)

The Thames River will be the focal point of an upcoming documentary.

The project is a four-part documentary series, which is essentially a campaign to raise awareness of concerns regarding the Thames River.

Producer Mark Drewe has taken on many roles in the making of this project and gives an inside look at what can be expected.

“The show follows the journey – like our experience doing this and the conditions we saw,” says Drewe. “You watch me specifically make a lot of mistake on the water (while kayaking) but you also learn [about the water].”

Drewe adds the documentary will also include interviews with area conservation experts.

During the filming process Drewe says they were able to notice different concerns regarding each area, adding there were two major concerns specific to Chatham-Kent.

“Pollution would be the big concern,” says Drewe. “There’s obviously boats that go up and down it and that uses fuel.”

He adds, during their trip they also noticed a lot of garbage along the river.

Drew says another area for concern is in regards to the wildlife that inhibits the Thames River. He says due to things like deforestation the river has become home to many wildlife, which is why people should be taking better care of the area.

“The further you can kind of get that naturalization the more these animals show up, including endangered species (like bald eagles for example).”

Aside from concerns surrounding the water, Drewe says the documentary will highlight unique qualities such as swinging bridges and the history of various regions.

The first episode of the series Traverse the Thames, will premiere on November 16, at 7pm. It’ll be shown in room 136 of the auditorium at the St. Clair College Thames Campus.