OSPCA Stands Behind Tilbury Dog Assessment

OSPCA Senior Inspector Jennifer Bluhm. May 18, 2016. (Photo by Matt Weverink)

Officials with Ontario’s SPCA say their year-old assessment of 21 pit bull-like dogs still rings true today.

After a number of dogs were seized in a Tilbury dog-fighting ring investigation in October 2015, the agency enlisted the help of the American SPCA to assess the aggression level of the animals. While 18 were found to be fit for rehabilitation, 21 more are up for euthanization.

“We have unfortunately continued to see aggressive behaviour with unpredictable triggers with the 21 dogs,” says OSPCA Deputy Chief Jennifer Bluhm.

The application to euthanize the dogs has resulted in public outcry across the province. Two Toronto-area animal rights groups are looking to intervene in the case, adding they’ve reached out to the OSPCA to find a solution other than euthanasia.

But Bluhm defends the decision, reaffirming the OSPCA’s role in the investigation. She adds as of right now, there are no plans to provide an updated assessment of the dogs.

“We will respect any court direction as far as any additional assessments or evaluations that are appropriate, and would participate in those if the court feels it’s in the best interest of this process,” says Bluhm.

Bluhm adds they continue to care for the dogs in a secure location.

The euthanization application hearing is set for December 22.