Steps Made Towards Source Water Protection

Councillor Michael Bondy. October 24, 2016. (Photo by Natalia Vega)

A new group will be formed to address concerns surround Chatham-Kent’s drinking water.

Councillor Michael Bondy’s concerns regarding source water protection have been heard and expanded upon.

During Monday night’s council meeting Bondy presented his motion to council, which involved two parts.

The first part included putting forward a nominee for the Thames Sydenham Region Source Water Protection Committee in 2017, and the second part included addressing drinking water concerns in the municipality.

Councillor Jeff Wesley responded to Bondy’s motion in saying it didn’t go far enough, at which time he made two friendly amendments.

One of those amendments asks that the Thames Sydenham Region Source Water Protection Committee clearly state its role in water protection for Chatham-Kent in front of council.

The second amendment suggests the municipality create a group to help residents who are having problems with their drinking water.

The group would be made of representatives from Water Wells First, the Thames Sydenham Region Source Water Protection Committee, and staff (which includes CK PUC).

Bondy’s motion, along with Wesley’s amendments all passed.

“I’m glad that Councillor Wesley did bring those forward,” says Bondy, adding it widens the scope of what he was putting forward.

Bondy says he believes the three groups will be able to work well together as one. He’s also optimistic this will help better the relationship between the municipality and Water Wells First.

“I’m hoping that political and personal differences can be set aside and look out for the common goal, which is protecting people’s drinking water,” says Bondy.