OSPCA Facility Being Brought Into Question

OSPCA shelter located on Park Ave. in Chatham. (Photo courtesy of Robyn Brady)

Before the OSPCA moves out of the animal shelter on Park Ave. in Chatham, the municipality will be taking a closer look at how the building has been treated.

During Monday night’s council meeting, Councillor Brock McGregor motioned for an assessment to be made to make sure the OSPCA has been maintaining the facility, as per their agreement.

Chief Legal Officer John Norton then stated that the facility may be missing a few things once the organization vacates the space.

Norton says the OSPCA intends to take the cages when they leave the property, adding that the cages had been purchased by the municipality.

“That’s one of the things that spurred the motion,” says McGregor. “We really need to take a look at how that building has been managed, what part of it constitutes as a municipal asset, and how we need to protect that municipal asset moving forward.”

McGregor says if the facility is indeed found to be poorly managed, the municipality would look at options for recovering certain costs.

“We know the position we’re in now in needing to make a new facility and to upgrade so we want to make sure we’re being prudent with our finances and making sure we’re managing our assets,” says McGregor.

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