Bondy Bringing Water Concerns To Council

Chatham-Kent Councillor Michael Bondy

Chatham-Kent Councillor Michael Bondy has some concerns about drinking water in the area.

And at Monday night’s council meeting, he’ll be presenting a motion to reflect those concerns.

Bondy says the first part of his motion has to do with council nominating a Chatham-Kent representative for the Thames Sydenham Region Source Water Protection Committee for 2017.

If approved, Bondy says they’d go through nominee applicants and chose one to nominate for the committee.

“Who that would be, I don’t know,” says Bondy. “There are a number of people in the municipality that have spoken to me that have much more knowledge on this issue than anybody on council.”

The second part of his motion has to do with potentially contaminated water wells north of Chatham.

Bondy says he would like to see the municipality do something in recognizing that residents are having problems with their well water.

“It’s a big issue when people’s water is effectively taken away from them,” says Bondy. “I think we really have to get to the bottom of this [and] figure out what’s going on.”

This isn’t the first time Bondy has brought the topic of Dover’s well water to council. He says the municipality has stayed too quiet on the issue and would like to see them take some action now.

“I would like to see the municipality use the resources at hand – which are obviously pretty extensive, it’s a big organization – to assist these people in finding out the cause of their well water problems and to effectively help them find a solution,” says Bondy.

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