WDSS Shows Off Their Upgrades (GALLERY)

The new library at WDSS. October 19, 2016. (Photo by Natalia Vega)

Recent renovations done to the Wallaceburg District Secondary School are generating some positive feedback from students and the community.

During Wednesday night’s open house, residents were able to take a look at the new and improved facilities.

School Principal Murray Hunt says the library, the fitness centre, the football field/track, and the Harriet Jacobs Centre (an area offering services to First Nation students) have all been upgraded.

The library has been completely redone. Hunt says students working on group projects are now able to meet at a table, plug in their tablets, and have their work shown on a flat screen TV. A common area with desks and stools has also been added to the library for students to plug in their devices and work.

Around the corner to where the fitness centre used to be, you’ll now find the Harriet Jacobs Centre. Hunt says the new location for the centre is a big improvement compared to the small room they had previously occupied.

“They have air conditioning in there [now], which they’re quite happy with,” says Hunt. “It just gives the First Nation students a lot bigger space to work in.”

The fitness centres have been moved down the hall to where the school’s shop classrooms used to be. One room is filled with gym equipment and flat screen TV’s, while the other is meant for free weights.

The outside area has also been improved, with a new football field and a four lane rubberized track.

“It’s something that the school has never had before,” says Hunt. “Not too many school in our district have rubberized tracks so we’re very fortunate to have that.”

Hunt says he has received great feedback from the students.

“They love it!”

There are some improvements still to come, but Hunt says it’s nothing drastic.

“We have some technology that we need to get hooked up here,” says Hunt, adding they’re looking to make the school as tech friendly as possible for the students.