Barn Fire Tackled Outside Blenheim

CK firefighters tackle an out of control blaze outside Blenheim on Oct 9, 2016. The fire began in a tobacco barn and spread to another. (Photo by Debra Vlasschaert/Blackburn Radio)

Firefighters tackled a barn blaze Sunday afternoon outside Blenheim.

It happened on Erieau Road between Highway 3 and Old Street Line.  Chatham-Kent Fire received the initial call just before 1:30pm and a total of four companies assisted in battling the blaze.

CK Fire says unusual climatic conditions in one barn, used for drying and curing tobacco, caused an ignition.  The fire quickly spread to another barn but due to the efforts of firefighters, two other barns nearby were not affected.

The cause of the fire was accidental with loss estimated around $300,000.  There were no reports of injuries.