Animals, Greenhouses Desperately Need Natural Gas

Don McCabe ( file photo)

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture believes the province could save $1-billion dollars in energy costs by expanding natural gas infrastructure into rural Ontario.

That’s why they’ve teamed up with the Western and Eastern Wardens Caucuses to continue to advocate for gas to be more accessible outside of the province’s urban centres.

“North of 75% of the Ontario population has natural gas, and that just shows you how densified our energy mix has become for urban centres,” says OFA President Don McCabe. “But there is only 20% of Ontario that is served geographically.”

The partnership’s long term goal is to see new pipes laid down in rural Ontario every year for the next 20 years. McCabe explains why natural gas would be so vital for rural Ontarians.

“When natural gas is your cheapest fuel for grain drying and animal welfare issues, along with our greenhouse industry which requires heat, this is a major league issue,” says McCabe.

OFA reps announced the partnership in Toronto along with Western Warden Chair and Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope this week.