CK Hospice Kicks Off Its Fall Campaign

At the CK Hospice during their fall launch campaign. Faye Geddes speaking about her experience with the foundation when her husband was a patient. October 5, 2016. (Photo by Natalia Vega)

The Chatham-Kent Hospice has officially kicked off its fall campaign in an effort to raise awareness and funds.

Staff and family members gathered in the courtyard during the campaign launch Wednesday.

Maureen Geddes was one of the speakers at the event. She talked about her personal experience with the foundation while her father was a patient.

Geddes says when her father could no longer stay in a hospital, it looked as though they would need to put him in a home, but then they heard about an opening at the Hospice.

“We came into a little bit of heaven,” says Geddes. “We weren’t in a hospital where it felt so medical and it felt so institutional.”

In some ways, Geddes says the hospice was better than home because instead of having her family take care of everyone and everything, they could just be present with her father.

“He was able to die with dignity and it meant everything to our family,” says Geddes.

However, the amenities the foundation had been able to provide for the Geddes family, as well as other families are costly.

Executive Director Jodi Maroney says with this fall campaign they’re looking to raise $300,000 in the next eight weeks.

Maroney says their annual fundraising goal is $850,000, which would go towards operating costs.

“Overall, we are sort of looking at ongoing fundraising, as we do need funds throughout the year,” says Maroney.

The foundation’s next fundraiser is coming up on October 14.

Maroney says they will be hosting a Benefit Gala at The Links Of Kent Golf Club & Event Centre. Tickets are still available at $125 per person, with a $75 tax receipt included.