Entegrus Does Not Go Door-To-Door

Head office of Chatham-Kent electrical utility Entegrus May 19 2015 (Photo by Simon Crouch)

In light of some recent fraudulent activity, Entegrus is warning their customers to be careful with the information they provide.

Director of Corporate Services Gary Symons says they have received a couple of reports from customers in the Parkhill area of door-to-door activity. He says there have been complaints of people posing as Entegrus employees, asking to see old utility bills.

“In no way does Entegrus go out asking for bills or anything like that,” says Symons. “We don’t go door-to-door asking for anything, as far as sales or bills.”

He adds, situations like this have come up in the past but it’s not necessarily a frequent occurrence or one that happens in only one area.

“It seems to be sporadic ,” says Symons. “There’s really no rhyme or reason, or schedule if you will on when this occurs.”

Symons is reminding Entegrus customers, it’s important to be careful with the information they provide and ask for validation from the people asking for documents.

Fraud reports can be made on the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre’s website.