CK Expo Returns

Gaming at the CK Expo May 9 2015 (Photo courtesy Productionmark)

Billed as Chatham’s Comi-Con, the event is set to take place at the John D. Bradley Convention Centre on Saturday October 8th.

Organizer Robert Bellamy says they have a number of celebrity guests lined up.

“We have from the original Battlestar Gallatica, Richard Hatch and Jack Stauffer. We also have two of the Dino Thunder Power Rangers, Jeff Parazzo and Kevin Duhaney,” says Bellamy. “And on a whim we decided to get a vehicle, and our vehicle is getting very popular with everybody, it’s the Impala from Supernatural.”

Bellamy says they’ve added the Mall Of the Dead at the Downtown Chatham Centre.

“After it closes, we have access to the mall to run an interactive zombie experience. Massive game room for all zombie themed games, a zombie bazaar we have set up for shooting zombies, and the whole first floor will be the zombie interactive area.”

Tickets for the Mall of the Dead are $40, and the cost to get into the CK Expo is $10. To purchase tickets, click here.

All of the money raised at the event will go to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Chatham-Kent.