Adult Entertainment Event Put On Hold

During Monday night's council meeting. September 19, 2016. (Photo by Natalia Vega)

The Tilbury Kinsmen Club will not be hosting an adult entertainment event in 2016 but hosting the event in 2017 is still a possibility.

On Monday, Councillor Mark Authier presented the motion for the The Tilbury Kinsmen Club to host this fundraiser in November 2016. However, due to the bylaw surrounding adult entertainment and time constrictions it was turned down.

Authier then asked if the event would be a possibility for 2017 instead.

Adding, the event wouldn’t be the typical scene seen at a regular adult entertainment establishment. Meaning, the entertainers would keep their under garments on.

“This is a Chippendales franchise, so it’s obviously for women,” says Authier. “It’s taking place as the men’s hockey tournament so I guess while they’re playing hockey the ladies can go to the entertainment.”

But as pointed out in council, the bylaw around adult entertainment does have certain restrictions that need to be looked at before they can approve an event like this.

As a result, council voted 14-4 to table the motion and have it referred to administration.

“They’ll (administration) need at least – approximately three months to get the bylaw rewritten and then it has to go out to the public,” says Authier. “They (the public) have 30 days to appeal after that.”

So far, Authier says he hasn’t heard any objections to this fundraiser.

He says he’s hoping to have an answer by administration by early spring.

“I do plan on bringing it back just because the Tilbury Kinsmen Club would like one (adult entertainment event) to happen every year,” says Authier.

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