Sean McCann Coming To Chatham-Kent

Sean McCann, one of the founding members of Canadian Folk Rock Band 'Great Big Sea' from Newfoundland. (Photo Contributed by Bob Montgomery).

Solo artist Sean McCann will be in Chatham this month for his Recovery Tour.

McCann is best known as a former member of the band Great Big Sea.

He kicked off his tour earlier this week in Kingston and will be travelling to 23 different venues across Ontario and Western Canada.

He says the songs he will be preforming while on tour are inspired from his experiences as a recovering addict.

“Almost five years ago I made a huge decision and took a big leap forward – I quit drinking,” says McCann. “I wanted to reach for my whisky and instead of that I reached for my guitar.”

Adding, music acted like therapy, forcing him to face the things that troubled him from his past.

“I was sexually abused when I was a teenager by a Catholic priest,” says McCann. “I pretty much buried that secret and kept it for 30 years.”

He says the songs inspired by those events have received a lot of feedback from his fans, who had also faced similar problems.

“It taught me a valuable lesson, and that’s that I’m not alone,” he says.

Touching on these intimate details is one of the reasons McCann has decided to do his tour at small, intimate venues.

“I am interested in 300 seats,” says McCann. “A place where I can go in and engage.”

Adding, he plans to have a very interactive concert where attendees can join him in song.

“I’m going to attempt to unify the people of Chatham-Kent in song just like the old days,” says McCann.

As a solo artist, he says he faces difficulties that he didn’t have to deal with when he was with Great Big Sea.

“Being your own agent, and your own manager, and your own promoter, it’s not easy,” says McCann.

Despite the extra work he says he likes being busy and is excited for his upcoming concerts.

“My show is a very happy show, a very interactive show,” says McCann. “I put my last album You Know I Love You, in a song book so the lyrics are there so people can sing.”

McCann will be preforming at The Kent 1874 in Chatham on September 24.

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